Seeking Sanctuary says: ‘Bring the children NOW !’

| October 13th, 2016

No child should live in these conditions

In the confusion and squalor of the Calais jungle, hundreds of unaccompanied children await their fate. There have been reports that 10 per cent of the children identified in August as eligible to come to the UK have gone missing, very possibly at the hands of traffickers.

Ben Bano, from Seeking Sanctuary who has 40 years experience in social work, said: ‘”This situation is intolerable. These children who have been traumatised by their experiences of war and genocide need sanctuary and safety immediately.

Both the British and French authorities need to review the complex bureaucratic requirements in place at the moment and bring them to the UK to safety in the next few days where there are enough organisations and individuals waiting to ensure that their best interests are met while their papers are processed.

Please act NOW. We call on all our supporters and the many Faith Communities with which we are in contact to keep up the pressure on politicians to make sure this happens.” There are now over 10,000 migrants in and around Calais (September 2016) and many more near Dunkirk . ‘Seeking Sanctuary’ aims to raise awareness about this situation and is organising basic humanitarian assistance through Faith Communities and Community Organisations in partnership with experienced aid workers.

For further information on how you or your organisation can help, contact Ben Bano on 07887 651117 or Phil Kerton on 01474 873802. To check the latest news, visit: