Opening Address: final words


We keep in mind too the situation of our world; the widening gap between rich and poor, and the growing threats to the sustainability of planet Earth;

MissionWe listen again to the call of Jesus to be in solidarity with all our sisters and brothers as one people of God; we hear and respond to his command:  Go and make disciples of all nations…

We recall our Founder’s dream of a new inclusive society open to all and responsive to the needs of our suffering brothers and sisters and our earth home;

And we are increasingly aware of our call to be ONE FAMILY, a Family living the same charism nourished by the same spirituality and carrying out the same mission of communion in the world;

Mindful of all this let us recommit ourselves to deepen our passion for Christ and his mission…


Let us renew our commitment to stand in solidarity with people who live in poverty, Stop-HT1
to work for the abolition of human trafficking,
and to align ourselves with all those who work a just and peaceful world.

We own and celebrate and give thanks for all that we have lived since the General Chapter of 2008 and we wholeheartedly open ourselves to all the newness that is being born among us.


We pray that the Holy Spirit be with us as enter into this chapter experience together.
May the Spirit give us listening hearts;
may we be open to the Spirit speaking through one another,
through our reflections and through the many experiences of this time together. AmenCome-HSp1


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