Factory farming will kill us all

| November 17th, 2020

On his website today, Catholic peer David Alton writes: “A timely reminder about the dangers of industrialised slaughter of animals – its also downright cruel. If we are downright cruel to every other species, it’s little wonder that we end up being cruel to our own.

John Lewis-Stempel is right to warn, in this interesting article from Unherd, that factory farms are ticking time-bombs of zoonotic disease – those which leap from animals to humans – and petri-dishes of bacterial infections.

The massive use of antibiotics to enable industrialised slaughter of animals is also compromising human health. But, beyond that, its downright cruel – and if we are cruel to every other species it’s little wonder that we end up being cruel to our own.

To read on see: www.davidalton.net/2020/11/16/a-timely-reminder-about-the-dangers-of-industrialised-slaughter-of-animals-its-also-downright-cruel-if-we-are-downright-cruel-to-every-other-species-its-little-wonder-that-we-end-up-being-crue/

Chris Fegan, Chief Executive of Catholic Concern for Animals (CCA) commented: “Lord Alton is absolutely correct to bring our attention to the horrors of factory farming and industrialised slaughter. CCA have long argued for a ‘cruelty free lifestyle’ and the connections between the abuse of animals and zoonotic disease is now at the forefront of attention and public debate due to Covid-19.”