4th Congress of the Family

Family of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles – International Congress






  • To encourage full participation of all vocations
  • To explore the changing world within the context of God’s dream for the world
  • To allow God’s dream for the world to affect all we are and do
  • To appreciate and activate our Holy Family gift within and among us, as gift in the world.


Phase 1, 2011 – A series of common reflections by all Vocations

Entering the process – What are your thoughts and feeling regarding the theme of the Congress?

In Faith – What images of God are becoming more meaningful for you now?

Forward – What is our Founder saying to us as Family on mission today?

For a New World – From all your reflection what would you like heard from your group at the 2nd Phase of the Congress?

Phase ll, 2012 – A Gathering at La Solitude


Delegates from all countries and continents, representing all five vocations of the Holy Family, brought the results of these reflections to a gathering in Martillac, France, in September 2012.

After a week of listening to the ‘VOICES’ of the whole Family, in prayer and communion, in discussion and reflection, growing in knowledge and appreciation of each vocation, the delegates produced this statement:


As a Family gathered together in Congress, attentive to the signs of the times and to the emerging worldview:

We hear the call to a new and deeper understanding of our identity as ONE FAMILY. This requires of us a radical change of mindset. Each member and each vocation is responsible for the whole and for making our Charism known and visible, witnessing to hope and joy in our world.

It is necessary to have ongoing communication among us in order to promote COMMUNION through a quality of PRESENCE  as Family within the Universe Family.

As a Family of five vocations, we hear the call for a COMMON FORMATION. We want to develop a contemplative approach to life. We are invited to look in a new and integrated way, at the Word of God, the Eucharist, the writings of our Founder, the sufferings of our brothers and sisters, the groaning of our planet. Enlightened by the emerging world view we will grow in our awareness of how all of these are interconnected.

This will require that we enter a process of “unlearning” and that as people of faith we open ourselves to the new story of the universe and its core values – diversity, interiority, and communion.

We hear the call as Family to COLLABORATE, in creative ways FOR MISSION. We unite with others in common projects that are in favour of life and are against division, poverty, war, marginalisation…

We discern specific options for communion in each context. We give special attention to the accompaniment of the young and value the wisdom of the elders. This invites us to go beyond boundaries and move out of our comfort zones.

Phase lll

A time for distributing and sharing the fruits of what was harvested in Phase l and ll