Prayer of the Day

Daily Prayer – Feast of St. John I, Pope & Martyr, St. Carthage, Bishop

May 18th, 2016
"We tried to forbid him because he does not belong to our group. " Mark 9 : 38
Following Jesus

The Apostles are goaded because someone has worked miracles — in Jesus ’name — who wasn’t one of their community!  They are irritated,  but Jesus calms them, calling on them to accept people who are different from them.  “Whoever is not against me is for me.”  Jesus encourages them to accept the positive in others, to welcome their contribution and not criticise them. There is a remarkable message here for Christians in our daily lives—to live with and welcome differences among people from other races, culture, or background.


Lord give us a greater understanding and appreciation of other people who are different, but equal to us. Let us realise that they too are children of God Our Father. Amen