Prayer of the Day

Second Week of Easter – Feast of St. Laserian, Bishop

April 18th, 2015
""They saw Jesus walking on the sea and coming near their boat."" John 6 : 19

“Walking on the water.” (John 6 : 16 – 21)  Jesus has just multiplied the loaves and fish.  This miracle shows us the wilderness of the sojourn of the Israelites when God sent Manna from Heaven.  The people misunderstood His identity.  He walks on the water.   Nobody ever did this before.  In the exodus of the Israelites God divided the waters of the sea of reeds allowing His people to cross to the other side and escape the Egyptians who were following them.  Now Jesus is leading the way for a new exodus.  Yahweh’s revelation to Moses; “I am, who am.”  Jesus comes as Yahweh’s presence.  The “I am” is presented seven times in John 8 : 12 – 29.  Also, “Do not be afraid” is a Divine assurance that the person gifted with Divine revelation would not die.  For the Jews,  no one can stand before God’s presence and live.

Prayer God of life, your Son, Jesus Christ, healed countless people from different ailments during His Ministry, and commissioned His Apostles to do the same in His name. Increase our faith to trust in your healing love. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen