Prayer of the Day

Tuesday in Holy Week

March 31st, 2015
""I tell you most solemnly, before the cock crows you will have disowned me three times."" John 13 : 38

In John’s Gospel the Passion of Jesus begins when Judas, refusing the opportunity to change his mind, leaves the supper room to hand Jesus over to the Jewish authorities.  John uses the ominous expression “Night had fallen.”  How bitter must be the pain that Jesus suffered at the loss of his friend.  John describes Jesus as being “troubled in spirit.”  Jesus must be remembering the eagerness with which Judas followed him at first but now Satan had entered into him.  Jesus grieves for his friend.  In John’s gospel Jesus is in control.  He knows that this is the first step in his passion and he accepts it willingly and even joyfully because he sees it as the Father’s will.  He believes that the sacrifice of his life will glorify God and that God in turn will glorify him.  So he tells his disciples that his time is now short.  He will be leaving them soon.  Peter is upset and in his usual self-confident way assures Jesus that he will lay down his life for him.  But Jesus knows Peter more than Peter knows himself and foretells his denials.

Prayer Lord Jesus very often we are like Peter over-confident in our ability to remain faithful to you always. Give us the humility to accept our weakness and the contrition of Peter in the aftermath of his fall. Amen