Theme : Special Occasions

General Leader, Sr. Ana Maria Alcalde, addresses Holy Family Sisters | May 2nd, 2017

“We are light”.  We have come from the source of all light and we shine forth in different ways.  We are called to give the light that we are to all around us. This visit of animation is part of a long journey in which we are becoming more aware of the new way of looking at the world.  We are gradually deepening this “new way”, this different way of looking at the world and our place in it. This new way affects our option for life and our common mission. (C.C 2014 and the Decree on Vowed for Mission) “Open to the great story of the Universe where God reveals God’s …

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Reflection on a Golden Jubilee | September 8th, 2015

A Time to Celebrate Any achievement is worthy of a celebration. It is great to have a motive for gathering and celebrating here today with Pauline, Annie, Ann and  Maria. Fifty years ago you went your separate ways; you were full of youthful energy, ready to take on the world. Catherine Moran HFB reflects Today you return to celebrate all that happened over the last fifty years. The purpose of any celebration is to heighten and intensify the meaning of something; celebrations demand to be shared, heightened and widened. We are happy, therefore, that so many of you join us today on this great occasion. Jesus came and declared a wedding, a feast, a celebration …

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