Let me give children the healing knowledge
that there is a better way, a more beautiful way
to live each day of their lives.
A physician I am not,
but healing is part of my profession.

Let me give some child hope for eternity,
peace in this life, confidence in what will come.
I am not a member of the clergy,
but faith is part of my profession.

Let me give children a feeling of justice,
a sensitivity for right and wrong,
a love of truth and abhorrence of evil.
A legal adviser I am not,
but justice is part of my profession.

Let me bring children relief from pain of
disappointment and disillusionment,
a remedy for dissolving personality,
an escape from the ravages of self-pity.
A psychologist I am not,
but the healthy mind is part of my profession.

Let me give children a balance
between an appreciation of their cultural heritage
and an enthusiastic participation in the human family,
and anticipation for the world of tomorrow.

For I am a teacher.


Beth Nelson


Ailís Phelan hfb

Ailís Phelan hfb

Reflection spoken in Moneenroe Parish Church at the Eucharist celebrating the life Sr. Ailís Phelan HFB .
Ailís taught for many years in the Primary School and is held in loving memory by the parishioners whose lives she touched in a special way.