Reflection Appreciating your giftedness

We are all gifted in some way. We need to acknowledge this. To fail to do so is to refuse to give God the glory for the good that we achieve through our giftedness. So what is your gift? Have you ever sat with it and praised the Almighty for the wonders you have managed to achieve through the effective use of this blessing? How did your special gift come to you? Did it come naturally or was it something you just developed over the years and came to recognise as ‘gift’? How did you discover that you were a great gardener, a skilled craftsperson, a proficient pianist, an excellent cook, …

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The Holy Family of Bordeaux is an International Spiritual and Apostolic Family founded in 1820 by Pierre Bienvenu Noailles,
a priest of Bordeaux. It is composed of women and men, youth and children, from all vocations and walks of life in
the Catholic Church – Apostolic and Contemplative Women Religious, Consecrated Secular Women,
Lay and Priest Associates.

All members, while living their own specific vocation, share the same mission, the same spirit
and aim and draw their inspiration from the Holy Family of Nazareth.

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In Britain and Ireland the Holy Family includes:

  • Apostolic Religious
  • Consecrated Seculars
  • Lay and Priest Associates
  • Youth

We invite our members, past pupils, friends and those interested in knowing more about and sharing our spirituality, charism and ministries to interact with us on this site.

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In 1926, Pope Pius XI decided the Church needed a special day on which to pray for missionaries, and to renew her commitment to the missions. Today, World Mission Day …

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EU Anti-Human Trafficking Day October 18th, 2019

Published on Thursday 17th October 2019 EU Anti-Human Trafficking Day marked with commemoration of the legacy of Frederick Douglass Minister Stanton calls on public to know the signs of human trafficking Europe-wide prevention campaign to highlight trafficking …

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Our Founder

Pierre Bienvenu Noailles was an enthusiastic young priest of Bordeaux who, at the age of 27, began to found what he then called the Association of the Holy Family.

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