Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk Statement

The Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux are involved in many different ministries, many of which include working with children and adults at risk.  They are committed to the Safeguarding Policies of the Catholic Church in England, Wales and Ireland and are guided by the procedures for good practice as outlined by the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS)(UK) and the National Board in Ireland (NBCCCI).

The Sisters’ aim is to encourage and ensure best practice among all their members and those working with them in their ministry with Children and Adults at risk.

The safeguarding representatives will ensure that any allegations of abuse are promptly reported.  That the statutory authorities which may become involved are given the fullest support and that the person against whom an allegation is made receives appropriate care.

The Charity has a full and up to date Adults at Risk Policy which may be available on request.

The houses in England and Wales of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux are aligned to the Diocese of Leeds Safeguarding Commission.

If you have any concerns about Safeguarding in relation to any Sister of the Holy Family of Bordeaux in England or Wales we invite you to contact the following:

Leeds Diocese Safeguarding Office:


Professor Michael Alder (Safeguarding Lead}:  01245 363649

Pierre Bienvenu grew up in a closely-knit family surrounded by loving brothers and sisters. He was a lively child, daring to recklessness, precociously intelligent, self-willed but of great sensitivity of heart so that he was loved by all. He was a charming young man, gifted and enterprising, interested in all life had to offer by way of ideas, occupations, amusements – in all except religion.

Safeguarding Policy Statement for Ireland

In Ireland, the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux are fully committed to safeguarding children in all our ministries and to following best practice in all our contact with children.  We have adopted in full the Child Safeguarding Policy and Standards of the Catholic Church in Ireland.  (National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland – NBSCCCI).

As a constituent member of the Catholic Church in Ireland, we recognise and uphold the dignity and rights of all children, are committed to ensuring their safety and well-being, and will work in partnership with parents/guardians to do this.  We recognise each child as a gift from God, and we value and encourage the participation of children in all activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

All Church personnel (including clergy, religious, staff, volunteers and any other Church personnel) have a responsibility to safeguard children through promoting their welfare, health and development in a safe and caring environment that supports their best interests and prevents abuse.

Details of personnel to contact if you are concerned about the welfare and safety of a child or adult at risk in Ireland:

Designated Liaison Person and Safeguarding Lead

Roshy Pendanath:

Gardai: 016663430

Gardai Freephone Number: 1800 555 222 (Reporting of child sexual abuse)

TUSLA: 018566856