The New Year beckons.
It stretches out before us
A precious gift given freely
Received with gratitude.
It is a year, as yet unmapped by us,
but waiting for us
inviting us to set out on a path that is full of promise and opportunity,
The New Year is like a book.
Its empty pages open and waiting to be written upon.

May we not squander this opportunity
To live the life that we are called to live and long to live.
May we no longer put off being who we are meant to be
and doing what is life-giving for self and others and the world.
May we have the courage to step out on a new path
Allowing ourselves to be disturbed and changed.
May we take the risk of moving into the unknown
Knowing that the Holy One is there before us.
“Come, do not be afraid. I am with you always
Even till the end of time”

Gemma Corbett HFB