Making A Difference

As Cliff Richard, a British pop singer, sang many years ago, “Congratulations and Celebrations … we want the world to know we’re Happy as can be!” – We come together as the Holy Family of Bordeaux for our Bicentenary Celebration year of 2020 and give Our Thanks to Pierre Bienvenu Noailles for his vision

200 years ago, having just once again celebrated the Miraculous Benediction on 3rd February 2020!

It’s quite an achievement that indeed it was 200 years ago that our Founder Pierre Bienvenu Noailles had the vision to bring not just the Priests and Sisters together but to include All vocations with such a firm vision for us all to work together in the spirit of the Holy Family of Bordeaux.

Five vocations – Sisters, Contemplatives, Priest, Secular and Lay Members – and now we are incorporating Youth – such diversity and hope for the future of the Holy Family Association. We still need to be grateful and thankful, on a daily basis, that we are able to come together, as equals, to share the ‘gifts’ each of us have.

The ‘Magi’ brought – Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh for the Christ child and as we have just celebrated ‘Candlemas’ on 2nd February completing the Christmas season  we hold onto the special gifts that we have each been given to be able to bring and share with one another – Our Love, Knowledge, Teachings, Friendship, a Listening ear, Prayer support, Physical support, Sharing our time at various meetings / social events or Retreats – we All bring something and make a difference in our groups / families / communities and workplaces – YOU do make a difference.

Our numbers may be slowly receding, at this moment in time, due to aging, ill-health, mobility issues but we still have the ‘gifts’ of prayer, perseverance, hope, firm belief and commitment to the Founder’s dream, that prayers will be answered for our continued growth. We can take inspiration from recent events in Australia – as the fires were fading in one part of Australia, a news reporter showed pictures of new life, animal and mineral, evolving through the black bark of a tree stump in a burnt out clearing – proof of God’s perseverance and undeniable love for this wonderful world of ours?

We can also help, in our own way, with this evolution by doing our own little bit because we have all proven our commitment to our Founder and can pass on our ‘Gifts’ to the next generation.

As the man from Tesco says: “Every little helps!”

However big, or small, the Celebrations you are holding with your Community / Group or Regional Gatherings please do ENJOY and where possible, invite someone along to the Holy Family Association to share in this wonderful vision on behalf of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles – I’m sure he’ll give a little smile and his Blessings to ALL!                               


Margaret Ramsey
British National President
Holy Family Lay Members